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Women Of Power: Election 2016

“I cried because I want my daughters to feel that blazing pride, that affirmation of their boundless capacity – not from their husbands, but from their world, from the atmosphere, from inviolable wells of certainty inside themselves. I cried because it’s not fair, and I’m so tired. I cried because I don’t even know what… Continue reading Women Of Power: Election 2016

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On the “Not all Men” Movement

Being a woman is really something special. We are magic; we are divine creatures made up of tenacity and spirit. I have grown to feel a special sort of kindredness towards the women that I know and meet. Despite our age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religion (or a lack thereof), we are all part of… Continue reading On the “Not all Men” Movement

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I’m a Nasty Woman, and I Support Late Term Abortions

2016 will be the first presidential election where I am informed enough to vote… so, with that in mind, I watched the third and final presidential debate yesterday. Although there are many things worth discussing, I feel that the most pressing matter in my eyes is women’s rights. I am a 24 year old single… Continue reading I’m a Nasty Woman, and I Support Late Term Abortions