Seeking Site Authors: 3 Spots Available

Social-Discourse.com is currently seeing 3 individuals looking to join our team! The ideal writer will have time to publish content twice a week, however, we understand if this is not always achievable! Please visit our website and if interested, please email us a short bio about yourself, a sample of your writing, and subjects of… Continue reading Seeking Site Authors: 3 Spots Available

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On Sewing a Halloween Costume

Although my mother and I disagree on a lot of things (alright, alright… everything) I feel that becoming a mom has made me appreciate her more. Especially on a night like tonight. My to-do list is pages long and never ending, but with Halloween a mere 36 hours away, the most important thing I have… Continue reading On Sewing a Halloween Costume


7 Drinks to Pair With Your Child’s Favorite TV Show

  Where I live, it snowed for the first time yesterday. I wasn’t anticipating snow before Halloween, so my toddler didn’t have a snowsuit that fit, and we quarantined ourselves inside with our Marble Maze and a shape sorter. When cabin fever got to her, my two year old asked if she could watch TV… and I said… Continue reading 7 Drinks to Pair With Your Child’s Favorite TV Show