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Mental Health Adoption Guide: Fuzzy Friends

The day my husband and I got our dog we had set out for a cat. I pretty much love all animals, but a cat seemed like the perfect new addition to our family for our first apartment. I could relate to them – independent, a little moody and sometimes eccentric, can take some time… Continue reading Mental Health Adoption Guide: Fuzzy Friends


Searching for Writers! Inquire Within.

Do you have a passion for social justice, feminist issues, mental health, or general nerd stuff? Do you have a fierce dedication to your work? Are you sarcastic and do you like memes? If you answered yes to these questions then send yourself our way! We are searching for people to be a part of… Continue reading Searching for Writers! Inquire Within.

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The Art of Taking Care of Yourself: Treat Yo Self (Right)

I admit just a few years ago I was more like Ben than Donna or Tom on Parks and Recreation when it came to taking care of #1. I didn’t really buy myself anything except for when I needed new socks (and even then I’d talk myself back and forth about it). I didn’t listen… Continue reading The Art of Taking Care of Yourself: Treat Yo Self (Right)

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You Belong Here

As I write this there is a “Jumper” standing on Coronado bridge, the third deadliest suicide bridge in the United States. The same bridge that I’ve crossed countless times residing in “America’s Finest City”, San Diego. It’s fabulous view has provided me with many fond memories, particularly the first time I ever drove across. It… Continue reading You Belong Here

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Nexplanon: The Year I Lost My S**T

Recently, several articles have been published on the possibility of Birth Control being linked to depression. If you are considering any method of birth control I recommend doing intense research. I can tell you that 2 years ago, I did not. That is how I spent an entire year in hormone hell. My first thought… Continue reading Nexplanon: The Year I Lost My S**T