Seeking Site Authors: 3 Spots Available

Social-Discourse.com is currently seeing 3 individuals looking to join our team! The ideal writer will have time to publish content twice a week, however, we understand if this is not always achievable! Please visit our website and if interested, please email us a short bio about yourself, a sample of your writing, and subjects of… Continue reading Seeking Site Authors: 3 Spots Available

Khaleesi Quinn · Opinion · Social Justice

Millennials: The “Bleeding Heart” Generation

Nearly every day I see or hear someone bashing “Millennials” for how we’ve grown to act as adults. I am constantly told that we’re all lazy, entitled, selfish, shallow, and overall giant pieces of crap. It comes from all directions, whether the person be my age or older than me, but what gets me the… Continue reading Millennials: The “Bleeding Heart” Generation