Mother of a 5 year old boy residing in the PNW of Washington state. Transplanted from the smoggy heat and right wing nightmare of the Southern Valley in California, she spends her time reading up on Inter-sectional Feminism, LGBTQ+ Issues, Mental Health awareness and Social Justice. She believes her job as a mother is to raise a socially conscious child in an often socially unconscious world.

By day she is an Accounting Manager, by night she is a mother, writer and vigilante of social justice. When she’s not doing the above, She likes her wine cheap and red while she binge watches true crime docs on Netflix with her cat (Spock) and Boyfriend.

INFP – Cancer


Julia (not-her-real-name) was born in a small town, in a conservative area along the west coast. Imagine tractors on the road, wild mustard plants growing along the highway, and a lot of not so subtle misogyny, homophobia, and racism spewing out of the city council’s office. Do you know that feeling of being a square peg in a round hole? Julia does. She grew up and somewhat recently made her escape.

Julia spends her free time gawking at the things that people post in online comment sections and brainstorming ways to make money without ever leaving the couch. Unfortunately, the latter has been a largely unsuccessful venture, but a girl can dream, right?

Feminist rants, Harry Potter, and existential crises (yes, plural) are kind of Julia’s “thing”. She is also an INFJ-Cancer-Pescatarian, that claims astrology is bullshit but is somehow constantly amazed by the accuracy of her daily horoscope. So it goes.


June is that stereotypical mom who listens to books on tape while she drives around East coast suburbia with a passenger seat full of yarn, baked goods, and overdue library books. She goes to therapy once a week, takes her prescribed medications on time each day, gets a manicure twice a month, and lives a relatively monotonous lifestyle that does not feel scary or overwhelming. June is happier that way.

When she isn’t kicking it old school at the concert venue she works at or nose deep in a pharmacology book, June can be found with her rockstar two year old daughter. They are easy to spot, as they’re almost ways wearing matching outfits. 2016 was hard on June, and right now, she’s just keeping it together and remembering the things she should be grateful for.

For your records: INFJ, Cancer, Slytherin.


Quinn (you can call me Khaleesi if you like ;] ) is constantly stumbling through life and winging it. Her mind can be summed up to be something like a fairy tale Disney movie with a dark Tim Burton twist.

Quinn lives in sunny San Diego with her two dogs, a bearded dragon, a snake, and her husband who is the reason she doesn’t spontaneously combust. They both came from Nevada, but stayed in San Diego when her husband was stationed here while in the Navy.

She is an ambivert, but is more introverted in her natural state (INFP). Quinn takes pride in being a Leo even though she doesn’t necessarily believe in horoscopes (probably just because her favorite Disney movie is the Lion King).

If she could, she would eat cocoa pebbles, pasta, and pizza for the rest of her life. You can find her day dreaming, watching cartoons, aimlessly doodling, playing video games, stargazing, and stressing out about the little things that don’t matter.


A Pennsylvania native, Lillian Isley’s most recent hobbit-hole hides in smoggy Southern California. She lives there with her very tall (and cute) husband and their two pets, a dog and a rabbit. When Lillian isn’t obsessively taking online quizzes or cleaning you can probably find her reading a library book, crying over TV shows, or sprinting down the street after Pokémon. She believes deeply in body positivity, feminism, the Loch Ness Monster, and fast food. Her poetry has been published by a handful of small presses and publishers. The children in her neighborhood think she might be a witch.

Lillian identifies as an angry bisexual. She was (clearly) sorted into House Gryffindor, and is (unsurprisingly) an ISFJ and a Virgo. She also battles depression and anxiety like a Viking shieldmaiden and wins more than half the time.

Described as a slightly weird small by her friend, Natalie is Southern California born and raised and plans to spend her entire life there because west coast is best coast. She loves In-N-Out, her mom’s ceviche, pens, notebooks with nice paper, and lots of fictional boys. She can usually be found crying about said fictional boys or vomiting about the fact that she’s going to graduate college soon or sitting in her corner, procrastinating on her next art project. She also spends her time scowling at people on her Facebook who continue to be racist, misogynistic asshats with the occasional existential crisis in between.

Natalie is an INTJ, a proud Ravenclaw, and a Pisces who is constantly scowling at those “the horoscopes as” memes because just because Pisces is a water sign that does not mean they are everything that has to do with water.