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Reflecting on the 2016 Election 

Being a “feeler” or an empath, is one of the most essential parts of my being. I feel things, often to the point of exhaustion. This can be a blessing and a bit of a curse. So processing the results of this election has definitely been difficult for me. These last few days have been… Continue reading Reflecting on the 2016 Election 

Election 2016 · Khaleesi Quinn

America the Intolerant

Last night I sat in utter disbelief as I watched Donald Trump win the presidential election. I was shocked, almost unable to process that this was actually happening. It was a nightmare come to life. The United States is so much more racist, sexist, and homophobic than I had ever previously imagined. I knew that… Continue reading America the Intolerant

Election 2016 · Social Justice

Final Thoughts on the Election

Today, I was hoping to wake up and tell a girl “you could grow up to be president” without it being wishful thinking. Still, a woman with 30 years of political experience just narrowly lost presidency to (all jokes aside) an admitted racist who built his platform on advocating for rape and systematic oppression, and has no political… Continue reading Final Thoughts on the Election

Election 2016 · Social Justice

Joe Walsh is Grabbing his “Musket” if Donald Trump is Not Elected Come November 9th

Former Representative Joe Walsh is immediately under fire again due to a tweet. Instead of threatening war on the President this time though, He’s threatened to grab his “musket” if Donald Trump is not elected come November 9th. There has yet to be an explanation following this tweet, however, plenty of people have already begun… Continue reading Joe Walsh is Grabbing his “Musket” if Donald Trump is Not Elected Come November 9th