Julia of Oceania · Poetry · writing

I am a person who loves with more than their heart:

I am a person who loves with more than their heart:


Withing my veins, love is oxygenation.

It pulsates through me, and I keep marching forward-

One hand clenched against my chest.


Love lives in the pit of my stomach.

Sometimes it is nauseating-

A sensation that cripples me from the inside out,

Leaves me clammy. Wanting to shut my eyes, forever.

Sometimes the feeling is light, buoyant-

A fluttering of hope, like a white flag waving in the wind.


Love vibrates along the arch of my back, deep within my spine.

I feel it as I bend over backward, one-million times.

One million-and-one times.

One million-and-two times.


Love lives within my mind, while I’m crying in the bathtub-

The salt from my tears leave me floating in the water,

Baptizing me over, and over again:

Each time my heart feels mangled beyond repair.

In my head it tells me, you must keep breathing.

You must remember to breathe.

You are being born again, breathe.



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