Bella Lane · Poetry

The Year of Us

That playlist I made for you is humming
I see you
I feel everything

Like a deep pool
I’m sinking
Gently moving
Through your eyes

I hear that melody
Warm in my car
The sweet sound of that moment
You looking at me
Like I am everything

Warm in my car
Your hand on my cheek
Your lips were soft
Enveloping me

“I love you” you told me
Before you held me
Like you had already lost me

I hear that melody
I go back there
The warm, dry air
I go back there
Every time

Things are different now
You don’t see me anymore
Not in the way that you used to

I wonder daily
If you were ever really there
Or if you even loved me

“This is the year of us” you told me
Just before you fell through my fingertips
I was alone again


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