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Black Lives Matter: Another Explanation for Ignorant White People

After coming across yet another article opposing the Black Lives Matter Movement in which a person argues that there is no foundation for the movement itself, I will be going through all of the reasons in which that is inherently misinformed.

This particular opinion piece, written by The Humble Nerd on WordPress , made many baseless claims against the BLM Movement.

In the introduction The Humble Nerd writes I never paid too much attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, but from what I do know and have learned this movement has not benefited society in any shape or form. I feel that this movement is the complete opposite and backward steps from what this country has been through in the past decade. There have been claims that black people have been the victims of several issues in this country due to race. One of my questions is what law or policy classifies as racism towards black people? If someone can name this law (and Ben Shapiro asked an interviewer this question… never got an answer) then we can agree on that and work out something from there.”

One of the biggest issues with this is the lack of scholarly support for the opinion being stated. Because the out-right lynching style racism became unacceptable over 50 years ago, racism had to reshape itself, or furthermore, white people had to reshape their racism. You will no longer find laws that are openly racist. Modern day oppression of black people, and people of color in general, is systematic. Mass Incarceration, Stop and Frisk Policies, and the media’s portrayal of Black Men as criminals, are just a few of the modern day mechanisms that exacerbate this oppression. To not examine this system and throw out baseless criticisms like the above is willful ignorance and a continued use of one’s privilege.

Moving forward, in the second half of The Humble Nerd’s opinion piece, they write “This whole entire movement, manipulated and indoctrinating the minds of millions of blacks, destroys the very cause of American values. It has torn apart our nation and has only damaged it. Tell me one good thing that has come out of the Black Lives Matter movement that has greatly benefited this nation and made the lives of many blacks better. Tell me how this movement helped bring down black-on-black homicide rates which are the leading crime factor in the nation. Tell me how this movement has gotten young black kids off the streets. Tell me how this movement helped create better educational opportunities for black citizens in this country. I see no benefits or any good this movement is doing expect to make black people look like the victims and giving black people excuses to do the utmost idiotic things. The ideologies of this movement are then publicized heavily by our media. This allows for indoctrination to continue and control the very minds of the people involved in this movement. It’s time this all comes to an end. It’s time We The People come together and help and educate each other so we know what we can do. Let’s work together to save this country and make America great again.” (Notice the reference to Donald Trump’s famous campaign slogan at the end.)

Aside from the insulting rhetoric in the above quote, The Humble Nerd has posed several questions to which I will provide answers.

First, on, they have their mission statement and listed next to it 3 Phases broken down into what the movement seeks to accomplish:

Phase One
Get the word out!
Build the Network

Phase Two
Community Reform
Legislative Initiatives
Black by Black Projects
Church sponsored after school programs
Get the word out!

Phase Three
Building the first Charter School (K-12)
Trade School Openings
Nationwide Black Life Matters Community Center

In the listing of these 3 phases alone we can answer nearly every question posed. There is a plan for education and empowerment within the Black Community. There are plans to seek change through Legislative Initiatives. There are plans to reform their own community.

Second, in their mission statement, the second to last quote asserts that “Accountability begins with us. We are not victims. We are victors.”

Lastly, too much time has been spent arguing why this movement should not exist and using the media’s portrayal of the black community to criminalize this movement. Instead there should be an examination of why BLM exists, in turn, opening a dialogue in which positive change manifests in our government and the marginalized communities affected by this systemic oppression. There is no more room for willful ignorance. Again, I challenge all of our readers to educate themselves on this topic and to become a safe space for people of color to voice their struggle.

No more excuses. No more blame. Do your research and do your part.    


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