Julia of Oceania · Poetry

The Disjointedness Of Womanhood

She will never wear the sanctimonious white dress, the gauzy veil, or have the pretty and pure white picket fence:
She is not that standard of goods.

To believe such things is putting all of one’s faith in a false reality-
the same narrative thrust upon women since the dawn of time.
The scenery changes but the message is the same:
You are secondary in the grand scheme; Your value lies in whom you are attached to.

Maybe it’s the homones radiating out of our wombs, designed to keep tricking us.
Gods, ultimate joke, punishment, and plan.
Marked since Eve slipped her incisors into one bad apple.

But I was not made from a rib, and if given the choice in the Garden of Eden,
I would have chosen the sepent over Adam,
1000 times over.

“Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven”.
Better to stand alone, than to kneel at the foot of man.

She does not need the white fence, or the veil.


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