Julia of Oceania · Poetry

When You Are Older

When you are older, remember:
what is was like to want to set the world on fire.
Do not let go of that light,
fade into the dusk; or
get so lost in the way that things gradually change (the way that your skin begins to crease over time);
The slow evidence that things are not infinite.

Remember the way that those long skirts used to brush against your calves in the summertime.
The wistfulness that you felt-
How you felt so beautiful in your underwear,
cooking eggs on Sunday mornings.
The beauty in such simple things,
The burned toast was so insignificant then.
He could hear the honest happiness in your laugh.

Remember what it felt like to drive away to nowhere;
The adventure in having no plans, no direction.
Just space,
existence in space.
The way that you felt free.

Remember this when you are older.


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