Election 2016 · Khaleesi Quinn

America the Intolerant

Last night I sat in utter disbelief as I watched Donald Trump win the presidential election. I was shocked, almost unable to process that this was actually happening. It was a nightmare come to life. The United States is so much more racist, sexist, and homophobic than I had ever previously imagined. I knew that we had our issues here in America, but I did not know to what extent until last night. I felt physically sick watching the results.

Today is when it really started setting in. Donald Trump will be the next leader of our nation, whether we like it or not. Today, instead of shocked, I am angry. I am so frustrated with the American people who voted for this hateful individual. The man who has repeatedly objectified women, the gay community, the disabled, African Americans, Mexicans… the list goes on. I have friends and family who voted for him and that shakes me to my core. Who are these people?

I can understand if someone agrees with certain issues that he takes a stand on, sure. I try my best to put myself on the other side of the fence and see it from another perspective, but I cannot wrap my mind around the rest of this. How can someone push aside his rape allegations, his demeaning attitude towards people who he believes are beneath him and his unapologetic racism? That is who they want in the White House? That is who they want speaking to other nations on our behalf? Do they truly care so little for their fellow Americans? I’d like the Trump voters to look me in the eye and tell me that they don’t care if women have rights. Look at me and tell me that they are indifferent to the hundreds of African American deaths at the hands of racism. Tell me that they only care for what benefits them personally and they are unconcerned about the others suffering in our country.

I saw a post online from a Trump voter today stating “The people have spoken!” This is not true. Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote. The people spoke, but the government (the electoral college) does not care what we have to say. Hillary may not have been the best candidate in the world, but Trump has no experience and is so radicalized that I am deeply afraid for the future of this country.

Today is almost over and I find myself slipping out of anger and instead I am left with an intense sadness aching in my heart. Over the next four years gay marriage will be at stake. Everything the LGBTQ community has fought for could crumple right before their eyes. Muslims will be in danger, as if they weren’t in enough danger already. Sexual harassment will go on unchecked and people of color will continue to be oppressed. Trump has made it seem perfectly okay to threaten anyone who isn’t a white, Christian male. Women’s rights to an abortion could be taken away and Planned Parenthood could be no more. Women will once again take drastic measures to get rid of something that they are not well equipped for, whether that be mentally or financially, and it could cost their life. Babies will be born and then abandoned because women couldn’t get the help they needed. It should be of no business to anyone but the woman, yet Republicans say otherwise and so does Trump. I am truly afraid for all people of minority, women, and the LGBTQ community. This election has been a giant slap in the face for all the progression that we have been fighting for. I am so incredibly sorry that our country has let all of you down.

Despite all of this I am forced to accept this man as our president. I am expected not to worry for my husband who is a veteran. Should Donald Trump not get his way he could declare war and decide that my husband and thousands of others are expendable. If I have children, am I not to be afraid for their future under this new leader?

All I can say is that we must stand united. We will get through this and we can only hope that those in Congress who are against Trump will fight as hard as they can for us. Keep fighting for equality, please don’t give up. America took a giant step backwards, but we cannot roll over in defeat. Trump will be up for reelection in four years, this is temporary. We just have to try our hardest not to let him ruin everything within those four years.

Yesterday was a truly shameful day in American history, but we can move forward from this. We will. Protect the minorities, the disabled, the women, and the gay community. Stand up for what is right. We cannot let these extremists run us over with their harsh and selfish nature.

Please treat people with kindness and respect. Stay safe out there, everyone.


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