Election 2016 · Social Justice

Final Thoughts on the Election

Today, I was hoping to wake up and tell a girl “you could grow up to be president” without it being wishful thinking. Still, a woman with 30 years of political experience just narrowly lost presidency to (all jokes aside) an admitted racist who built his platform on advocating for rape and systematic oppression, and has no political experience at all. There are so many people I would like to blame for this (I’m looking at you, Libertarians) but the truth is, the election was lost with educated white males who looked over their shoulders before they cast their ballots.

In the past 24 hours, America agreed to defund Planned Parenthood, overturn Roe v. Wade and marriage equality, provide tax cuts for the rich, slash welfare, close our borders to refugees, stage a mass deportation, and cut health care for 20 million people and replace it with nothing. Yesterday, more than half of America voted for hate instead of love.

I want to tell you that things will be okay, but Trump closed his campaign on stage with a man who called our first biracial president a “subhuman mongrel”, and a supporter who shouted “hang Obama” was greeted with cheers and applause. So I give my respect to those who choose to stay and fight another day, and my compassion and understanding to those who leave the country that abandoned them.


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