Julia of Oceania · Poetry


When I was younger I dreamed 
about becoming an actress, 
but as I grew I realized I’d been 
playing different roles my 
entire life.

There is nothing quite as 
exhausting as running away from 
yourself year after year;
Dodging the sirens, slipping into the skins of other people. 
Painting up your face and not
recognizing the reflection. 

Oh, the expectations. You cannot 
simply perform, you must perform 
well. The crowd wants excellence!

If you asked me now, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”
I would reply: myself. 


2 thoughts on “Reflection 

  1. This is amazing! I also wanted to be an actress as a kid…and I also can identity with playing many “roles” other than myself because of what I thought other people wanted. “The crowd wants excellence!” But really the best role to play is myself. Great message for today.

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