And They’re Off…

Writers get your pens (pencils, leather-bound journals, keyboards, caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, etc.) ready, NaNoWriMo started up yesterday! For those of you who may not know, National Novel Writing Month is an annual event in which writers from all around the world attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days.

Writers are well-known for their masochism, of course, but many of us are also procrastinators, time-wasters, and self-defeating overthinkers. NaNoWriMo is designed to bypass the overthinking and procrastination with a hard deadline, and the WriMo community provides a sense of accountability and support. It’s a winning combination for better focus, and often, results.

If you’ve ever considered writing a novel, NaNoWriMo provides the perfect opportunity every November! Your level of participation can vary anywhere from casually giving it a shot on your own time to meeting up with other participants in your area to brainstorm. For those of us who are more introverted (or just hate leaving the house) there are also forums for writer-to-writer discussion, peptalks, and helpful online workshops available. You don’t need to be a seasoned writer. You don’t even need a plan! The goal is to just get the words out. At about 1,600 words a day, seeing the progress build in itself is exciting. The editing (and editing and editing) comes later. We’re all on this crazy train together!

If you haven’t started yet and you’d like to join us, there’s still time! Don’t worry about being a little bit behind, many of us who started yesterday (or meant to and ended up marathoning reality TV all day instead) are right there with you. You can find more info and sign up at NaNoWriMo.org. Interested, but totally blanking on a plot? Try Buzzfeed’s prompt generator to get yourself started! See you at the finish line.


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