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20 Items Your Comic Book Nerd Will Love

I can’t be the only one who immediately starts thinking about holiday gifts after Halloween is over…. right? Either way, if you have a nerd that you need to buy gifts for, I’ve got some great ideas for you!

1. Justice Served Hot Mug


Check out this amazing Wonder Woman mug! It displays the evolution of this superheroine throughout time AND gives you some morning inspiration.

2. Black Panther T-Shirt


Did your nerd love the Black Panther’s appearance in the latest Captain America movie as much as I did? Then this gift is perfect! As they wait desperately for the Black Panther’s stand alone movie in 2018, at least they’ll have this shirt.

3. Comic Book Pop Art Cushion


Is your nerd in need of some extra pizzazz on their couch or bed? This cushion cover is the way to go! There’s also “POW”, “POP”, “CRACKLE”, and “SNAP”!

4. Loki’s Scepter Necklace


In case your nerd ever feels the need to control people’s minds, or rip rifts into other dimensions, this scepter necklace is the next best thing! They may never get their hands on the actual Chitauri Scepter, but this will do for now.

5. 3D Wall Nightlight – Thor’s Hammer


If you have a little nerd to buy gifts for, or maybe a nerd who just doesn’t like the dark, Thor’s hammer can light the way! There’s also a variety of other superhero nightlights like Captain America’s shield, Hulk’s fist bursting through the wall (a bit scary if you ask me), Iron Man’s face (also freaky), and Batman’s Batarang!

6. You Only Live Nine Times Catwoman T-Shirt


I just love this Catwoman shirt, it conveys this sultry vixens sass impeccably. Hopefully your Catwoman fan will love it too!

7. The League of Regrettable Superheroes


If your nerd is ever feeling down, this book of superhero mistakes will be sure to give them a laugh! With superhero names like “Doctor Hormone”, how can you not?

8. Book & Hero


With all of those comic books your nerd reads, you may just need Superman to hold them up.

9. Spider-Gwen Statue


Spider-Gwen is new to the comic book world, but just as bad ass! If your nerd loves this alternate Spider Man universe, Spider-Gwen is sure to make their bookshelf look awesome.

10. Zombie Wine Bottle Holder


Chances are that if your Walking Dead fan has already read the comics then they already know the horror that’s coming to the show. They may just need that entire wine bottle to get through the next upcoming difficult episode.

11. Cyborg Vinyl Figure


Aren’t Pop Dolls the freakin’ cutest? You can basically get anything and everything in these tiny adorable figurines now, but this is perfect if you have a Titan Titan’s fan!

12. DC Bombshells Fleece Blanket


Who wouldn’t want to curl up with these DC Babes?

13. Iron Man Arc Reactor Light-Up Coasters


If you have a nerd who wants to live the luxurious life of Iron Man, these light-up Arc Reactor coasters can get them one step closer!

14. Wooden Batman Shelf


This shelf is sure to make your nerds Batcave kick ass!

15. Rocket Raccoon Hoodie


This Rocket  Raccoon hoodie is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Perfect if you have a nerd who loves to look cute but also has an asshole nature like this adorable Guardians of the Galaxy character.

16. Deadpool Mug


Who better to drink your morning coffee out of than Deadpool? He’ll get your nerd ready to kick today’s ass! And have some chimichangas for lunch.

17. Harley Quinn Statue


If your nerd is a dedicated Harley Quinn fan then they are going to adore this classic statue of the Doctor herself!

18. Captain America Shield Watch


Nerds aren’t always the most punctual people (staying up late as you get lost in the comic book world does that to you sometimes), so help your nerd out with this Captain America watch! Classy and geeky all at the same time!

19. Spider Man Otterbox


If you’ve got a nerd who loves swinging from building to building (or maybe isn’t the most graceful of people), they are definitely going to need an Otterbox to protect their phone. Why not do it in style and show off their favorite superhero too?

20. Poison Ivy Collectible


I have saved the best for last, ladies and gents. Look at this gorgeous creation! No doubt, any DC Siren fan would love this collectible statue of Poison Ivy.  Unfortunately they are all sold out from the source, but if you look around on Amazon or eBay you can find them. The cheapest one I was able to find was on eBay for $650! Pretty pricey.. But I swoon just looking at it! It may be worth it if you’ve got a special nerd in your life.

There are tons of different comic book type merchandise that I could show you, but I hope this helped get some ideas flowing, if not helping you find the perfect gift! Even if you can’t afford some of these, it’s the thought that counts and any nerd will be grateful that you thought of their passion for comic books. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go look at my bank account and try to convince myself that I don’t need ALL of these.


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