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On Sewing a Halloween Costume

Although my mother and I disagree on a lot of things (alright, alright… everything) I feel that becoming a mom has made me appreciate her more. Especially on a night like tonight.

My to-do list is pages long and never ending, but with Halloween a mere 36 hours away, the most important thing I have to do today is finish my toddler’s costume.

Above: tiny June in a homemade Pocahontas costume (my favorite Disney Princess then and always) and tiny June’s brother in a homemade ninja costume

You may be wondering why I’m sewing her costume, but there is a long tradition in my family that homemade Halloween costumes are the only way to go. Truthfully, I believe they will always oust the store-bought: growing up, my mom would take me to JoAnn Fabrics, and we’d look through the huge books of patterns until I settled on a suitable one. Then, the fabric would sit, virtually untouched, on our dining room table… until suddenly, on Halloween morning, I would have a one-of-a-kind, flawless costume.

I used to think that it was no big deal for my mom to make a costume (why else would she offer?) but as I stay up, cutting strips of green fabric for my kiddo’s Lilo hula skirt, sewing leaf headband after leaf headband that never come out quite right, and measuring bandeau top after bandeau top against my daughter’s favorite shirt, I am finding that even my simple DIY costume is taking far longer than I anticipated. Budgeting time as a mom is incredibly difficult, so for my mom to create fantastic dress after fantastic dress for me is truly awe inspiring.

Above: tiny June’s homemade Snow White costume for a second grade school play called “Backwards Fairy Tales” in which Snow White was evil. Typecasting? Maybe.

So thanks, mom, for everything school play costume you’ve made, every Halloween outfit you stayed up until the last minute sewing, my gorgeous Sweet 16 dress finished just minutes before my party, and everything in between… not just for your beautiful creations, but for the time you put into making my costumes when it would definitely have been easier to have buy them.

It’s too late to call you now, but I promise that first thing in the morning, I’m going to blow up your phone on your well deserved vacation 22 hours away from me to ask you how to sew elastic into a shirt.

But at least with your help, our legacy of homemade Halloween costumes will live on.


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