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Joe Walsh is Grabbing his “Musket” if Donald Trump is Not Elected Come November 9th

Former Representative Joe Walsh is immediately under fire again due to a tweet. Instead of threatening war on the President this time though, He’s threatened to grab his “musket” if Donald Trump is not elected come November 9th.


There has yet to be an explanation following this tweet, however, plenty of people have already begun responding.

In early July of this year, Walsh was previously under fire after sending out a series of tweets waging war on President Obama in regards to the Dallas shooting of 8 police officers. Threatening “Black Lives Matter Punks” as well, he presumably felt pressure to take down the tweet as it was deleted thereafter.

Joe Walsh Tweet 2.PNG


Later that same day, he attempted to clarify his original tweet by posting a follow up. Although it really doesn’t undo the threat of violence he had stated in his original message.




There have been many issues surrounding the relationship between citizens, especially citizens of color, and the relationship between police this year. 2016 has been wrought with injustice and ignorance in understanding our country’s issue with race. I would argue that while many people blatantly ignore the severe problem of police brutality, many take it a step further by shifting focus and blame onto movements such as Black Lives Matter. One major misconception or blatant lie, as I would refer to it, is that activists in these movements call for violence against police officers as retaliation instead of reformation and fair treatment. This is simply false and a distraction via white supremacy.


The founders of the Black Lives Matter Movement are three powerful women of color, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. On their website you will find zero calls for violence, only a demand to end racial injustices by broadening the conversation on what it means to be systematically oppressed and forced into a second class state of life.

So who is Joe Walsh so afraid of that he feels the need to be weaponized if Donald Trump loses the election? Internalized racism and the worn out (albeit unfortunately well established) fallacy of angry Black people is arguably playing a part in his thought process. 

With that being said, his threats of domestic violence go unchallenged.

It is time to defend our people, most specifically our people of color. Ignorance and violence is robbing our country of its full humanity.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Walsh is Grabbing his “Musket” if Donald Trump is Not Elected Come November 9th

  1. This is something I’m very worried about. I’m looking forward to Hillary (hopefully!) winning this election, but am concerned that if she does, violence and unrest might follow. The angry white alt-right has been stirred up by Trump’s campaign.

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    1. I agree. I wouldn’t consider myself a Hillary supporter but I’m definitely voting for her as she is my only choice. She says all of the right things in regards to racial injustice but it’s hard to tell how genuine she is yknow? Thank you for your comment!!

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