Launched in October of 2016, Social Discourse is a collection of passionate free thinkers and writers. We go above and beyond to create content that provokes meaningful discussion, awareness, and the desire for an ever-changing worldview. We believe that writing on topics such as inter-sectional feminism, social justice activism, mental health awareness, domestic abuse, sex/relationships and nerd stuff (Harry Potter duh) that we are able to reach out to our readers, connect, and provide support.


We believe in reaching above societal norms. We believe in equality in every aspect and continually seek to challenge binary norms. We believe in making our site a safe place for marginalized groups and seek to engage with all of our readers. We believe in digging deep into the research of every topic in order to provide responsible writing that speaks to experience.


If you are interested in joining our team of wonderful collaborators, please email us at socialdiscourseus@gmail.com or visit our contact page and leave a comment.
We are currently seeking writers for Poetry, Creative Writing and possibly whatever else your heart desires! Anyone added to the team will need to be able to commit to at least one new piece a week. We are seeking to promote writers of all genres and would love to support young writers looking to get out there. Our team is extremely hands on and very close knit and would love to add to our nerd squad.

Requests to guest write for our page and for us to write a piece for your page can also be pitched via email. Our editors will respond promptly!